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The Holistic Approach for Wellness

Integrative medicine refers to the blending of conventional and evidence-based complementary medicines and therapies with the aim of using the most appropriate of either or both modalities to care for the patient as a whole. Integrative medicine embraces and encourages a holistic approach to practice that incorporates patient involvement in self healthcare, prevention and lifestyle interventions. Integrative medicine encompasses more than complementary medicine, although this synthesis is an important and obvious aspect of integrative medicine.

Functional understands that every individual is different – from genetics to biochemical makeup. Because of this, functional medicine has a personalized approach for each patient – with both diagnostics and treatment. This approach relies heavily on science-based research and testing to understand a patient’s unique needs. Functional medicine works to correct problems in organs and the rest of the body using natural supplements wherever possible. While it does incorporate traditional medicine when necessary, functional medicine strives to use natural ways to fix health problems.  

The objective is to find the root cause of what is happening in the body; be it reactions to biotoxins like Lyme or Mold and help the body heal while supporting its ability to heal itself, body and spirit. This is holistic medicine.

We investigate multiple facets of your health from birth including illness, emotional and environmental impacts.
Through the use of advanced diagnostic testing, we can identify the underlying issues.
Finally, we implement an integral, evidence-based, plan that targets the underlying causes, while supporting the affected systems to reach a state of healing

Holistic Medicine Services

We examine your health from every aspect; from your own oral history as well as from the genes coded in your cells to the microbiota residing in your body. We utilize the latest testing to support our clinical decision making our approach is to create a unique plan to treat underlying causes of dysfunction, support affected body systems, detoxify and get you back on the path to wellness.
See below for only a handful of diseases we offer treatment for:
Digestive health
Functional Medicine
Vector Borne Infections
Parasite Treatment
Mycotoxin Treatment

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